Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Shopping - Walgreens

I am still getting used to shopping at Walgreen's, so I didn't do as well as I could have this weekend.

Goody hair elastics, paid $2, got $2 in RR
Christmas pencil - paid $.39 (apparently there was a coupon I could have used for this but I missed it)

Total OOP: $.57 (used $2 RR from previous purchase)

So, to round up my first week of Walgreen's shopping, I got:

1 Gillette Fusion Razor
2 Dove deodorants
1 nail clipper
1 Goody hair elastics
1 pencil

Total Spent (including tax) - $9.35

Total RR Remaining - $2.00

I think this is pretty decent for my first try! We'll see how next week goes...

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