Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Still Snowing (Pantry raid)

I realized a bit too late that the milk I needed for the tuna casserole I was supposed to make tonight was expired. It might have still been okay but we try to stick to expiration dates pretty closely in my house. My mom's house is another story - beware anyone eating the horseradish sauce at Christmas dinner next week as she has googled the expiration of horseradish and determined that the date means very little. How would we ever know anything without Google?
Anyway, we didn't have milk and I wasn't about to try to venture out through 7+ inches of snow to buy some more. So, for dinner tonight hubby got to have a can of clam chowder with last night's leftover dinner rolls. I had some leftover Mexican from lunch the other day (before the snow started). Pretty exciting, eh? Hubby has promised to shovel the driveway tomorrow so I can go grocery shopping for next week's meals, so hopefully they will be a little better than tonight's.


Estimated cost of meal

Clam chowder: $1.25
Rolls: $.50
Leftovers: Free (thanks Mom!)

Total: $1.75

Former life total: Pizza delivery: $18

Leaner Life Savings: $16.25 or 90%!!!

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