Saturday, December 12, 2009

Walmart Deals

To round out my week of good deal finding, I made a quick stop at Walmart last night. I had several coupons I wanted to use and had read about some deals on NWA Deals. I wasn't sure about their time sensitivity so I wanted to be sure to go before the new ad goes into effect tomorrow. It turns out most of the prices were probably not that time-sensitive, but I still feel like I got some good deals (and some laundry detergent, which I just needed anyway).

Items Purchased:

  • Bacon-wrapped beef filets, $3.98 less $3/1 coupon
  • Nestle cookies, $2 less $1.50/1 coupon
  • Snuggle fabric sheets, $1.87 less $2/1 coupon
  • All fabric softener, $4.97 less $2/1 coupon

Total Paid: $5.22 including tax

Speaking of tax, I've come to a somewhat startling realization. On most of my Walgreens purchases, I was charged sales tax on the entire sale amount before coupons. I noticed on my Walmart transaction that I was only charged on the net total. Then, I realized that most of my Walgreens purchases had been made on the Kansas side of the state line, while the Walmart I go to is on the Missouri side. I thought back to the one item I bought at a Missouri Walgreens and the sales tax was charged after coupons. I'm assuming there must be different rules in each state for how to apply the sales tax charge. Since Missouri charges after coupons, I need to make an effort do my shopping on the Missouri side and save an extra 8% on all of my coupon savings!

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