Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Tonight was one of my favorite Rachael Ray recipes, buffalo chicken pizza. If you are like me and love the taste of buffalo wings but don't want to deep-fry them at home, this is a great way to get the same flavors in a much easier and (hopefully) healthier way!
I deviate from the recipe in only a couple of small ways. First, I chop my chicken into bite-size pieces and then saute it instead of grilling it. I just find it easier to eat in small pieces and easier to cut before cooking. Second, this time I forgot to buy jack cheese so I used Italian blend - I didn't really notice a difference even though I usually do use jack for this recipe. Third, for hubby's portion there is no blue cheese, no scallions, very little sauce and very little cheese (not that he's picky or anything). Fourth, I use Boboli-style pre-made crusts - the brand I buy comes in a 3-pack which makes the perfect amount for dinner and my lunch the next day.
I serve with some celery sticks and ranch or blue cheese dressing - this time it was Wishbone light blue cheese since I got a bottle on sale for a very good price!


Estimated cost of meal:

Chicken: $1.50
Sauces/seasonings: $.75
Crusts: $2.50
Cheese: $1
Celery: $.30
Dip: $.20

Total: $6.25

Former life total: Dinner @ Buffalo Wild Wings: $30

Leaner Life Savings: $23.75 or 79%!!!


Kristi said...

How are you figuring the meal? Is this a lb of chicken for $1.50 or 1/3 lb of chicken for $1.50?

Laura's Leaner Life said...

Calculations are for the entire meal (usually 3-4 servings). In this case, $1.50 is for the 3/4 lbs used for the entire recipe, based on a sale price of $1.99/lb.

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