Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo

We tried something new tonight! I've made fettucine alfredo before but usually try to stay away from it because it is so loaded with butter, cream and cheese - all things good for the taste buds but not the arteries! However, I bought some shrimp on sale last week and when trying to decide what to do with it, this was hubby's suggestion. I found this recipe online and followed it somewhat, though since I made two separate batches it needed quite a bit more milk and corn starch to get to our desired thickness.
The meal was a surprising success. When asked if it reminded him of Olive Garden, hubby said it was even better! Pretty decent praise even considering Olive Garden isn't our favorite Italian restaurant.
I added some ingredients to mine to make it more like Shrimp Czarina, my favorite dish at Jazz. It definitely wasn't as good as Jazz but it was tasty!


Estimated Cost of Meal

Shrimp: $3.75
Pasta: $1
Milk: $.50
Cheese: $1.25
Butter: $.05
Veggies: $.75
Lemon: $.30

Total: $7.60

Former Life Total: Cost of dinner @ Olive Garden: $41.00 (this is the actual amount spent on our last visit there in our former life)
Leaner Life Savings: $33.40 or 81%

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