Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Chili's

Our originally scheduled meal for this evening has been pushed to tomorrow and tomorrow night's will be pushed to next week. I had to go pick my mom up from the airport tonight and hubby was invited to go see the KU basketball game so neither of us was home.
My mom took me to eat at Chili's - not much to report about that. I will say though that we had excellent service - they were very nice and even gave us the lunch price for the soup/salad combo we ordered even though they are supposed to add $2 at dinner time! Maybe they saw me with my coupons and took pity... So if you are ever in the northern part of KC and want some Chili's, I recommend the Barry Road location!
Speaking of coupons - I got some great deals tonight at Target & Walgreens - will post more on those later. I want to get all of my Walgreens stuff together so I can take a picture to illustrate what a great shopper I am becoming!

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