Monday, December 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Happy New Year!

After a crazy week where nothing seemed to go as planned, here's hoping for a little less chaos this week. Oh, wait, my whole family is coming to town - that won't be happening!
Friday will mark our 3rd Christmas celebration, barring any more blizzard warnings. My whole family will be together for the first time I can remember, including the extended part such as it is (we have a very small family). In addition to my brother and sister-in-law and their kids being here as planned, we are getting an unexpected visit from my only cousin and uncle and one of my two remaining grandparents! It should be a fun and probably crazy time.
  • Monday: Tuna casserole - I vow to finally make this after 2 weeks of putting it off
  • Tuesday: Baked French toast (never tried this before, but I usually burn it when I try to do it in a frying pan, so hopefully this will be more successful)
  • Wednesday: Boneless buffalo wings (from the deli), french fries, celery, blue cheese
  • Thursday: Jack Stack BBQ w/the family @ my mom's (we were going to retry the ham/baked beans, etc from last week but my uncle requested Jack Stack)
  • Friday: Christmas #3 starring prime rib, horseradish sauce, sauteed potatoes, vegetable gratin, salad & crusty bread (I look forward to this meal all year and this time don't get it until next year!)
  • Saturday: Dinner out w/family or using one of our Christmas gift cards
  • Sunday: Maybe another dinner out, or make-your-own pizzas

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