Friday, December 4, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Westport Flea Market

Oops - we didn't end up eating the grilled cheese & soup tonight as planned. Instead, I met up with a friend at Westport Flea Market. For those who haven't been there, it's one of the strangest places to eat - it really is inside a flea market - but they make a really good burger!
I had a "mini" burger with cheddar cheese. Mini means 5.5 oz instead of 10 oz. I can't even imagine eating the 10 oz one! The burgers are greasy, but in a yummy bar food kind of way. They come with choice of side, but I always go with the standard curly fries. There is a condiment bar to add your own toppings. I love the 1000 island dressing!
They also offer a $5 off coupon that comes in some of my coupon mailers, which makes this a pretty reasonable dinner. Their drinks are really expensive ($2.50 for an iced tea) but bottomless - we were there for about 3 hours and they kept trying to give us refills!
Overall I spent about $8 which wasn't too bad for a great burger and good times!

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