Monday, December 7, 2009

Weekend Shopping - Hen House

I got some incredible deals at Hen House on Saturday! It was their holiday open house so I got to try quite a few samples and they were having a one-day sale.

  • Rotel Tomatoes: 3 cans on sale for $.79, saved $1.53
  • Wonder Bread: On sale for $1.28, saved $1.61 (this was even cheaper @ Hy-Vee but we needed it for lunch that day and I didn't want to make an extra stop)
  • Fritos: On sale for $1.48, saved $1.51
  • Grande tortilla chips: On sale for $1.88, saved $1.61
  • Kraft singles: On sale for 2/$3, saved $2.30
  • Florida's Natural orange juice: On sale for $1.98, less $1 coupon, saved $2.37
  • Blue Bunny ice cream: On sale for $1.49, used 2 $1 coupons, saved $6.72
  • Onions: 3lb bag on sale for $.99, saved $2.01
  • Russet potatoes: On sale for 3lbs/$.99, savings unknown as they didn't ring up on my receipt!
  • Got $.20 off for using reusable bags!

Total Spent: $12.73

Total Saved: $19.86!!!

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