Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Target deals (part 2)

I almost forgot about my trip to Target last Saturday! I had wanted to go on Friday to take advantage of their black Friday deals but just couldn't get myself up to dealing with the crowds.

One of the items I wanted was the "Sex and the City" movie on DVD, priced per the circular at $3.99. They still had it available at that price on Saturday and it actually rang up even cheaper for only $2.99!

I don't normally buy movies but I loved the TV show and have been meaning to see this and now I own it for less than a rental would have cost!

Also, at the front of the store near the $1 section they had another amazing deal - $1 for a package of 12 Target bakery leaf-shaped sugar cookies w/chocolate coating! I love these kind of cookies and you can't beat $1/package! They had an expiration date of 12/18 so they weren't even on markdown because they were close to their due date. They still had some available when I was shopping last night and I had to resist the urge to buy more!

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