Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Breakfast Burritos

This is the first time I've ever made breakfast burritos. Ok, so it's really just scrambled eggs wrapped in a tortilla, but it was a nice slight change from eggs and toast. We still had hashbrowns and bacon on the side like we would with regular scrambled eggs. I sauteed some peppers and onions and added them to my eggs, but hubby just had bacon bits and cheese in his. The hashbrowns were homemade - I somehow managed to cook them in a perfect pancake and flipped the entire thing at once. It was impressive.


Estimated cost of meal:

Eggs: $.70
Cheese: $.20
Bacon: $1
Tortillas: $.75
Veggies: $.40
Hasbrowns: $.40

Total: $3.45

Former life total: Dinner @ Perkins: $26

Leaner Life Savings: $22.55 or 87%!!!

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Kristi said...

Wow! Big difference than eating out! I love breakfast food and its so easy to do...

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