Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Turkey Burgers

Yay! The snow has finally stopped for the most part and I was able to get out of the driveway and go grocery shopping. Some sense of normalcy has returned following the biggest snowstorm in seemingly forever (the first blizzard in KC since 1989!).
Tonight I made turkey burgers, using my new burger press I got for Christmas. I just season them with garlic powder, seasoning salt and pepper. As a new twist, I found some chipotle cheddar sliced cheese to put on top instead of the usual regular cheddar. It was really flavorful and added a nice heat to an otherwise fairly mundane turkey patty.
I just served with potato chips since I didn't feel like making fries, plus we're having some later in the week. I also had some baby pickles, which probably look a little odd in the picture. I got some nice pretty photogenic half pickles on sale today, but decided to use up the rest of my other jar before opening the new one. Wasn't that oh-so-frugal of me?


Estimated cost of meal

Turkey: $2
Buns: $1
Cheese: $.80
Toppings: $.75
Chips: $.70

Total: $5.25

Former life total: Dinner @ Five Guys: $19

Leaner Life Savings: $13.75 or 72%!!!

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