Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dinner Tonight: Frito Pie

Since we had some Fritos laying around, we decided to change up our usual chili & cornbread routine and have Frito pie. I googled this and found out that sometimes this refers to a casserole dish, but in my mind it's just a bowl with a layer of Fritos, chili and chili toppings. I had cheese, sour cream & green onions on mine. It was really tasty! The Fritos were a nice change of pace.
I make my chili with Lawry's chili seasoning, and mostly follow the recipe on the back except I use fire-roasted tomatoes and I don't add any extra water since hubby likes his chili really thick. I also usually use turkey instead of ground beef.
When I first started cooking, I used Williams chili seasoning because I'm from Kansas City, it's local and I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I didn't care for this seasoning, but didn't really know any better. After a few tries, I switched to Lawry's and I like it much better. I've made homemade seasoning before too and it was yummy but have recently been too lazy to try to find the recipe again. It's probably a lot cheaper so I should really get around to that before I make chili again!


Estimated cost of meal:

Turkey: $2
Seasoning: $1
Tomatoes: $.60
Fritos: $1.50
Toppings: $.75

Total: $5.85

Former life total: Dinner @ Sonic: $12

Leaner Life Savings: $6.15 or 51%!!!

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