Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Due to the ridiculously cold temperatures of late, and after the success of last week's slow cooker meal, I've decided to make even more use of our Crock-pot this week. It is really nice to have dinner pretty much ready as soon as I get home - I've always known this but I just don't seem take advantage of it very often. I just hope we can get it cleaned out in time to make the next recipe. I'm also making another attempt to add a new salad to our repertoire, and would love suggestions of any other entree salads that we might try. Hubby's standby favorites are chicken Caesar and Asian chicken salad.
  • Monday: Shepherd's pie (substitute ground beef for lamb, green beans for peas)
  • Tuesday: Slow cooker ham & bean soup, cornbread
  • Wedesday: Thai chicken wraps, rice
  • Thursday: Biscuits & gravy, bacon
  • Friday: Slow cooker goulash, noodles
  • Saturday: BLT salad (add grilled chicken, hold the tomatoes)
  • Sunday: Slow cooker cheesy potato soup

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Kristi said...

can't wait to hear how the thai chicken wraps turn out!

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