Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Make-your-own Pizza

Usually when I make pizza I buy a crust mix that involves adding warm water and letting it sit for a bit. This time hubby requested that I buy the pre-made Boboli-style crusts. These are a bit more expensive but a lot easier and tastier too. I grilled some chicken with the red chicken I made last night and used that as a pizza topping, along with pepperoni, bacon bits and chopped garlic. I used some leftover spaghetti sauce I bought on sale for $.79 for a giant can, plus some shredded Italian cheese.Normally I would add a lot of veggies to my pizza but I completely forgot to pick them up at the store today, so I went without.
I served with a Pizza Shoppe-inspired salad, complete with their amazing pink dressing. It might look strange but it tastes garlicky and delicious. At the restaurant the salad is topped with mozzarella, BacOs and pepperoni and served with crackers. I used more Italian cheese and crushed pita chips and I decided to forego the pepperoni and ran out of bacon bits when making the pizza (not BacOs, but close enough).


Estimated cost of meal:

Crust: $3
Sauce: $.20
Cheese: $.60
Chicken: $.40
Pepperoni: $1
Bacon bits: $.20
Garlic: $.10
Lettuce: $.15
Dressing: $.80
Pita chips: Free! (got a free sample in the mail)

Total: $6.45

Former life total: Dinner @ SPIN!: $27

Leaner Life Savings: $20.55 or 76%!!!

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