Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lunch Today: Korma Sutra

In keeping with a relatively new family tradition, my brother & sister-in-law met us at Korma Sutra today for their Indian lunch buffet. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Kansas City. We go there every time they are in town - it started out as an excuse to allow me to eat Indian since my mom & hubby both refused to go with me. Hubby finally saw the light last year and realized just how good Indian food is, so now he joins us. Also, my brother & sister-in-law didn't have a good Indian restaurant near where they live, though I guess that's recently changed but we still decided to keep up with the tradition for this visit.
Korma Sutra's buffet costs around $10/person and is all-you-can-eat, though I rarely have enough room to go back for anything beyond my first plate. They always feature a variety of meat and vegetarian dishes. Hubby's favorite is the goat curry (I give him a hard time because if I had told him 2 years ago he would love anything involving goat he would have though I was crazy); I like the chicken tikka masala. It's in a creamy yogurt tomato sauce and usually a bit spicy but not too much. This time they had butter chicken instead, which is very simliar and in a blind taste test I admit I might not know the difference.
My other favorite is saag paneer, which is spinach with cheese and reminds me of spinach dip! It's really great on the bread - in our case garlic naan. They bring loads of it fresh from the oven and even wrap up the leftovers to send home with you. They also have plain and other flavors of bread, but I think garlic makes everything better!
On the side I get the veggie pakora - little bite-sized veggie balls breaded and deep-fried. I don't really know what is in them but they are really tasty! They also always have veggie samosas, which have a fried pastry shell and are stuffed with potatoes and peas. I like these but on the buffet the pastry loses it's texture pretty quickly, so it's better to get them fresh.
Included with the lunch buffet are mango lassi drinks, which are yogurt and mango juice and are kind of like smoothies. There are also some dessert choices on the buffet, I like to have a bite of rice pudding along with my chai tea - which is also included and they bring it to you whenever they see that you look about done with your meal! I think a warm cup of chai is so relaxing and just finishes off the meal perfectly. I wish they'd serve it everywhere... Starbucks version just isn't the same as the real thing!
Today's lunch was so yummy and I'm so glad we got to go, even though now that hubby likes it I do get to eat it more than once or twice a year.

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