Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Chicken Caesar Salad-Part 1

I am beginning to think that my chicken caesar salad making is cursed.  Last time I made this dinner, I broke a plate. This time, I made almost the entire recipe (grilled the chicken, made the croutons, cut up the lettuce) before realizing I didn't have any caesar dressing.  I felt like a complete idiot for not checking before I went shopping, and was very discouraged.  I told hubby he'd just have to stop and grab something on his way to practice (as by this time it was about 20 minutes before he needed to leave).  Then, to my surprise, hubby told me if I could just make some macaroni and cheese really quick, he could eat the grilled chicken and the bread from the caesar salad meal and he'd be good to go.  Apparently this frugal thing is really catching on - I was very proud of him for thinking on his feet like that considering I had just given up on the meal and resigned myself to takeout or scrounging for leftovers.  We had a packet of Easy Mac in the pantry so I made that for him and he added some chicken and bacon bits to it and ate it very fast on his way out the door.  I just had some leftover sausage dip since I wanted to leave the rest of the caesar ingredients for tomorrow night.


Estimated cost of meal:

Easy Mac: $.35
Chicken: $.40
Bacon: $.15
Bread: $.80

Total: $1.70

Former life total:  Dinner @ McDonald's: $10

Leaner Life Savings: $8.30 or 83%!!!

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