Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Cold Cut Sandwiches/Noodles & Co.

My meal planning has kind of gone out the window at this point, as I am scheduled to spend the next two nights at my mom's house with my grandma.  So, tonight hubby fended for himself and made a semblance of the meal that was scheduled for tomorrow night, just some cold cut deli sandwiches.  He even took a picture of his dinner for me - I guess he must be supportive of my blogging habits!
As for me, I got takeout from Noodles & Company, where I've never been before.  I had heard mixed reviews so I was a little apprehensive but I didn't want regular fast food and needed to get something I could easily take home.  I had something called "Pasta Fresca" which was penne in a white wine/balsamic sauce with spinach, red onion and feta cheese.  I added chicken and got a side of Tomato Basil Bisque and a piece of ciabatta bread.  I thought the food was okay - nothing spectacular but certainly edible.  I wished I had added another vegetable like mushrooms or broccoli to make the pasta a little more interesting.  I might be willing to try again sometime when I have a full-time job again.  The price didn't seem too bad, a little under $9 for a pretty filling and quick meal.

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