Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Smokestack BBQ

Hubby still wasn't feeling well tonight and couldn't handle the thought of trying something totally new like Thai chicken wraps, so we went to one of our old favorites from our former lives, Smokestack BBQ. I had a smoked sausage sandwich with fries and baked beans. They have the best French fries in the world! I am convinced that if it weren't for fries (and the fact that I love them dipped in Ranch dressing) I might be thin. I just can't resist them! Smokestack's are crispy on the outside but soft and mealy on the inside. Usually they are cut like thick steak fries but for some reason tonight they were a little thinner, which worked really well for me because it allowed more surface area to get crispy. They also have one of my favorite Ranch dressings for dipping - thick and not too tangy. I regret that we had to eat out, but it was very tasty and a nice treat.
One other note - hubby gave me what may have been one of the best compliments on my cooking ever! He actually wished that we had leftover shepherd's pie, because he thought that sounded good after his crummy day. He normally hates leftovers, and for him to truly want to eat them is unheard of! That dinner must have been even better than I thought.

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