Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Olive Garden

With all the family in town and the big meal we fixed yesterday, today I planned to either eat out with family or use one of the gift cards we got for Christmas. We ended up using a gift card to the Olive Garden. Hubby went there for lunch a few weeks ago and had some chicken speidini that he loved, but unfortunately this time it wasn't on the menu! He settled for chicken marsala, which he did not enjoy. He said the chicken was soggy and the potatoes (which were the same kind that came with the speidini) weren't as good for some reason. I had pork Milanese, which was surprisingly good. The pork cutlets were crispy though not that flavorful, but the lemon wedges served with them improved them. They came with cheese tortellini in a garlic butter & spinach sauce. It wasn't too heavy which was nice. The waiter messed up our order and we should have complained to the manager and perhaps gotten our bill reduced, but as it was he didn't charge us for drinks, we had a $4 off coupon and a $25 gift card and the total paid OOP (for tax & tip) was about $5! Not bad even though hubby wished we'd just used the gift card at Red Lobster!

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