Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Goulash

Tonight we tried another new recipe, goulash. I was planning to cook the noodles separately and serve the meat over them, but hubby thought it would be good to mix them in and let them cook in with the sauce. Unfortunately they got way overcooked and mushy and pretty much ruined the experience for me. I really didn't enjoy this meal at all. Hubby liked it okay, and I might be willing to try again someday. Because of all the stirring of the noodles, the meat was almost completely broken up instead of staying in stew-like pieces like I had hoped. Next time I might use a different cut of meat that is less likely to shred, and definitely cook the noodles on the side.


Estimated cost of meal:

Beef: $2
Noodles: $.50
Onion/garlic: $.35
Spices: $.25
Tomatoes: $.75
Rolls: $.90

Total: $4.75

Former life total: Dinner @ Houlihan's: $40

Leaner Life Savings: $35.25 or 88%!!!

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