Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Waffles & Bacon

As long as we had gotten so far off track, why not make something that is not even on the menu plan?  This would have been on next week's plan, but I realized a little too late that Sunday is still part of the prior week.  I forgot to thaw out meat today, so hubby suggested I just buy some meat when I went to the grocery store today.  I had already planned to buy some bacon since it was on a really good sale, so that made it easy to decide to make this meal.
Hubby is not a big fan of waffles, but he agreed to eat them because he loves me.  Or something like that.  I love waffles!  I would probably eat them as often as he would like to eat biscuits and gravy.  Must be something about Bisquick I guess!
I just use the recipe on the Bisquick box, so no sense repeating that here.  This time I served them up simply with butter and syrup, but I briefly considered going with strawberries and whipped cream since I had both on hand. Hubby made himself some eggs to go with his (I suppose to make his meal less waffle-focused) but I just had bacon and OJ.  Breakfast Dinner of champions!


Estimated cost of meal

Bisquick: $.60
Milk: $.35
Eggs (1 for waffles, 2 for scrambling): $.35
Oil: $.10
Cheese (for eggs): $.25
Bacon: $1.10

Total: $2.75 (wow, that's cheap)

Former life total: Breakfast @ Mama's: $22

Leaner Life Savings: $19.25 or 88%!!!

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