Friday, January 22, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Potato Soup

I have never made potato soup before, but I like to eat it at restaurants so I thought I would give it a try.  I found this recipe and thought it sounded yummy.  The result was just ok, nothing special.  I used real potatoes and fresh onion rather than the frozen it called for, plus I couldn't bring myself to add 2 whole cups of cheese so I'm not sure what difference that might have made.  I felt like there was no flavor in the actual recipe, so I had to add a lot of seasoning at the end to make it have any taste.  I also thought it wasn't creamy enough so I added some sour cream.  The potatoes were still completely chunky, so I mashed them a bit to try to thicken the soup and they ended up almost completely pureed.  I meant to leave it a little bit chunky so I'm not sure how that happened! 
I forgot to check the number of servings that this made - so we ended up with way too much as almost always happens with my crockpot cooking.  Overall I don't think I will make this again - hubby didn't seem to thrilled with it and it wasn't good enough for me to want to try to force it on him again.
Estimated cost of meal
Potatoes: $1
Onion: $.20
Chicken broth: $1
Milk: $.25
Cheese: $1
Sour cream: $.25
Misc. seasonings: $.20
Bacon: $.25
Green onion: $.20
Bread: $1.25
Total: $5.60
Former life total: Dinner @ Panera: $17
Leaner Life Savings: $11.40 or 67%!!!

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Kristi said...

I make baked potato soup from the red checkered better homes and garden cook. baked a couple potatos. Put the inside of the potatos along with chicken stock and cream and at the last minute you put in some frozen shredded hashbrowns and its really good!

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