Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Steak & Pepper Hash

Tonight we had one of Rachael Ray's recipes that we love, technically titled "Mashed Super Skins with Steak and Pepper Hash" which I find to be a ridiculously long name. This is one of the Rachael Ray meals that is supposed to take 30 minutes but really takes me almost an hour to make. There is a lot of chopping and slicing involved - I just don't see how she can do it all so quickly!
RR seems to emphasize the potatoes as the star of this dish, but we disagree. This is basically just a twist on a steak and potato meal, which is of course one of hubby's favorites. The steak mixture is a little bit like fajita filling, kind of spicy and tangy from the hot sauce and lime juice. It gets nice and brown (especially if it takes you a while to get the potatoes on and it ends up sitting too long like mine did) and crusty on the outside, but is still tender.
I use about half of the ingredients that RR suggests for the potatoes but make a full recipe of the meat & veggies. I omit the cheddar cheese, which just seems superflous with all of the other dairy going into the mashed potatoes. Don't get me wrong - I love cheese but it just doesn't seem to fit in with this dinner.


Estimated cost of meal

Potatoes: $.50
Oil/butter: $.20
Garlic/scallions: $.20
Beef: $2.50
Peppers: $.80
Onion: $.50
Thyme: $.50
Lime: $.34
Seasonings: $.10
Sour cream: $.25
Milk: $.10

Total: $5.99

Former life total: Dinner @ Freddy T's: $23

Leaner Life Savings: $17.01 or 74%!!!

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