Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Thai Chicken Wraps & Brown Rice

Since sometime last year hubby finally agreed to eat Indian food and loved it, I thought that we should try venturing into some other "exotic" cuisines. Enter tonight's dinner choice, Thai Chicken Wraps.
Of course, these aren't really authentic Thai since they are from Rachael Ray, but at least they are Thai-inspired. I thought this recipe would be a safe choice since it didn't involve any exotic ingredients, and most were already in our fridge/pantry.
The result was not one of my favorite meals, and hubby hated it. I couldn't get the peanut sauce to any reasonable consistency, despite adding way more oil than it said to in an attempt to thin it out. It was very thick and not spicy at all, again despite attempts to doctor it such as adding excessive amounts of cayenne pepper. This could be because our cayenne pepper is very old and has lost its kick, but it was disappointing no matter the reason.
The vegetables were ok, nothing special. The chicken was fine, and hubby used it to make himself a quesadilla (I didn't mix it with the veggies since I knew he might not like it).
We won't be making this again, but I won't give up on trying to get him to eat Thai food. Someday when I have a permanent job again and life isn't so lean I will take him out to one of the local Thai restaurants and let the pros show him how good it can be!


Estimated cost of meal:

Chicken: $2
Tortillas: $.85
Carrots: $.50
Cucumber: $.50
Basil: $2 (how Rachael Ray thinks this is readily available for reasonable prices throughout the country is beyond me)
Peanut Butter: $.20
Sauces/spices: $.50
Rice: $.70

Total: $7.25

Former life total: Dinner @ Korma Sutra: $45

Leaner Life Savings: $37.75 or 84%!!!

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