Thursday, February 25, 2010

Talkative Thursday (?)

So I was thinking that Wordless Wednesday, though a neat idea, is really hard.  One of the main reasons for blogging is to have an outlet to blab all you want to whoever will read.  At least that seems to be a lot of people's reason. 
As I tried to sleep last night I had what I thought was a brilliant idea - a new blog meme that is a follow-up to Wordless Wednesday and would allow me to talk all I want, either about the picture from yesterday or whatever I so chose.  Anyone want to join me?   
Actually, it turns out this idea was so brilliant that someone else already thought of it, though they called it Tell Me Thursday.  It looks like only about 4 people participate, which is probably about as many that I would get so maybe I'm not quite the meme mastermind that I pictured. 
Regardless, since I can now use words, I wanted to post the companion to yesterday's picture.  These came from a trip to Puerto Vallarta.  At their zoo they let you play with the baby cats for a small fee of $10 (100 pesos) per person.  They also let you feed all of the other animals at the zoo and provide a bag of food for $5.  We fed monkeys, zebras, giraffes, camels, goats, toucans, wolves, coyotes, baboons, pigs, flamingos, probably more I'm forgetting, and the highlight for me, bears.  Turns out bears like peanuts.  And animal crackers.  It did seem a little strange feeding animal crackers to animals but it was still really cool.
On our first trip we held a two-month old jaguar and a one-month old lion.  I don't have those pictures handy but I might put them up someday
The second trip (a year later) we held the little angels pictured yesterday and below.  They are brother and sister but I can't remember their names.  It was really neat to hold a black one because they are so rare, though I suppose all jaguars are getting rare these days.
The reason I didn't put this picture up yesterday is because I hate the look on my face and couldn't defend myself without words!  But the cat is cute, so it's worth sharing anyway.

So apparently this isn't a good quality copy of this picture.  I'll try to update with a better one later, but I wanted to get this posted while it was actually still Thursday and semi-relevant! Fixed!!!

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Allergykidmom said...

Let me know if you set this up. I will participate. That way it will give me a reason to write about something other than food allergies! :)

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