Monday, February 8, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Happy Mailbox Monday!  Thanks so much to Debra at A Frugal Friend for hosting!  I have been meaning to participate every week but for no good excuse I just haven't been getting it done.  Here are all of the freebies I got this week, click here for the past 5 weeks worth! 
  • Redbook & Good Housekeeping magazines (from Recyclebank
  • Enfamil formula/coupons (very nice size freebie and high $ coupons but I have no clue where this came from - I will be donating it since I don't have any babies!) 
  • Baby's Dream Nursery Guide (could be the source of the Enfamil - I think I did have to indicate I was going to need a nursery soon in order to get this - someday I will and the book will last longer than the formula!) 
  • Gold Bond hand sanitizer sample from Walmart 
  • Mariani dried plums sample (for some reason they sent me 2, I don't think I signed up twice) 
  • Kleenex sample from Costco 
  • Smead Super-Tab folder  
  • Fresh Wave odor-neutralziing crystals from being a fan on Facebook 
  • Staples $13 rewards for buying batteries (I almost threw this one away thinking it was junk mail! It's going towards a new ink cartridge since printing coupons takes a lot of ink!) 
  • Save-a-lot coupon book 
  • Conagra coupon book 
  • Fiber One pack for my first ever blog review/giveaway, courtesy of My Blog Spark!
  • Not pictured: I won a giveaway!  It's a Musicolor from Jolly Mom!  Thanks so much to the ladies @ Mailbox Monday (especially Melissa at Getting All My Ducks in a Row & Win My Year) I have been inspired to enter a ton of blog giveaways and have won 3 so far!  Only one of them has actually arrived, and I forgot to take a picture, but it looks like this and is going to be a great gift for my niece who turns 4 in a couple of weeks!
Visit A Frugal Friend to see what others got for free in their mailbox this week (sorry, I'm having some issues with the button!)


Maria Lopez said...

I love Staples Rewards. They are so easy. Happy Monday!

SH said...

Love those rebate checks I got alot last week !

Penny said...

I'll take the rebates checks anytime!!! They are the best.

tds said...

Nice week! I see a lot of people with things from Recycle Bank, but I don't get do you get credit to earn things?

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Love it!! Winning is so much sure to document all that nice taxable stuff now. :-) Getting it all ready for taxes this year is killing me with all my paperwork. I should have done a better job throughout the year. LOL

I'm so glad you are joining us in Mailbox Monday and hope to see you next week :-)

Mellisa Rock said...

Hey!! Thanks for the shout out!! :) Sorry I am making the rounds so late!! I participated in the Suave twitter party! I am so happy that you are winning!! Did you win any that I have blogged about? I would love to know!

I wish that I could enter your first -- but I got the same gift pack to giveaway...Your week looks great!!

Lots of loot!! So glad that you are participating in Mailbox Monday!! It's a lot of fun!!

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