Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Pork Quesadillas

I decided not to take a picture of tonight's meal, since I realized that there were really no visual differences between pork quesadillas and the chicken quesadillas I have blogged about previously. 
This is the first time that I have attempted to make Mexican-style stewed pork and I think it turned out pretty well.  I put 2 lbs of pork shoulder in the Crock Pot and added a can of Rotel tomatoes w/green chiles, some water, garlic powder, chili powder & cumin.  It simmered on low for about 8 hours while I went to work.
When I got home I pulled it out and shredded it, then added some of the liquid from the Crock Pot and some salt.  It was tasty but not highly flavorful.  I think I could have made it more flavorful but adding the shredded meat back to the Crock Pot and simmering it for a bit, but I was afraid if the meat got too wet it would make the quesadillas soggy. 
As it was, it made a good quesadilla filling (would have been even better if I had some green chiles to add) but as hubby pointed out there's just not much to it on its own.   We had quite a lot leftover so we might find out soon how good it is as a chimichanga filling!
One of the best parts of this meal was how quickly I was able to pull it together.  I think I under-utilize my Crock Pot.  It really is such a wonderful thing to throw a few things in it in the morning and come home to have dinner almost ready. 
If anyone knows any great slow cooker recipes please pass them along.  Keep in mind that hubby won't really eat vegetables and I have an aversion to having to brown anything before putting it in the slow cooker as I think it kind of defeats the purpose.  I have a slow cooker cookbook and I swear 90% of the recipes involve browning.  Caramelization, schmaramelization.
My mom suggested I check out this blog but I haven't had a chance yet.  Think I might mosey on over there and see what I can find.  (Insert imaginary pause here as I go read this blog for a moment)...Guess what?  The most recent post is for Mexican pork!  If only I had seen that yesterday!  The citrus addition seems a little weird though.  I'll keep looking and maybe some of their recipes will show up on future Menu Plan Mondays.

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