Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Last week we actually stuck to the plan the whole week!  Of course it helped that I didn't actually make a plan for Sunday night, but that is beside the point.  Let's see if this week will be as successful.  I did keep my grocery bill under $30 which is very exciting, especially since I was tired and didn't shop around at several stores like I usually do.  Here is this week's plan:
  • Monday: Asian chicken salad, garlic bread
  • Tuesday: Turkey burgers, fries
  • Wednesday: Beef and noodles, green beans, biscuits
  • Thursday: Taco salad
  • Friday: Caribbean chicken fingers, rice pilaf, rolls
  • Saturday: Steaks, sauteed potatoes, corn, mushrooms, crusty bread
  • Sunday: Cheese Fondue & Chocolate Fondue (we can't afford to go have a romantic dinner at the Melting Pot, so I thought I'd make one myself)
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ahorne said...

Homemade fondue is fun too. :) We do splurge on Melting Pot about once a year, but I LOVE chocolate fondue!!! So I dip my own strawberries whenever they are in season.

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