Monday, February 22, 2010

Mailbox Monday

I didn't have a very good week for mailbox freebies, so I'm including several other freebies I picked up at the store this week to make myself feel better.  Please forgive the photo quality (or lack thereof) as I was trying to take these pictures in a hurry this morning and used my cell phone to make it easier to upload.
Grr... can't get my bullets to line up properly!  I'm beginning to think learning HTML might be a good idea.

  • Magazines: Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Weight Watchers, Saveur

  • Samples: Yogi tea

  • Coupons: Beechnut $1 off (don't remember signing up for this)

  • Giveaway win: L'Oreal Mascara & Lash Serum from Saving Money and Living Life

  • Store freebies: 2 bags Terra chips & some fruit crisps from Babies 'R Us (chips were on sale 2/$2, used 2 coupons for $1/1, checker made mistake ringing up and only charged me $.01 for one bag, making the fruit crips free too), Fruit snacks from Price Chopper (on sale for $1, used $1/1 coupon)

  • Poster from Redwood Creek winery, as modeled by hubby (I actually got 2 but one was stuck in the package and I needed to get to work)
Please visit A Frugal Friend for more great Mailbox Monday finds!


tds said...

I've gotten one of those Redwood Creek posters, too, but I haven't figured out what to do with it. Maybe it will go in the "man room" (aka: the shop). ;-)

Thankfully Thrifty said...

I heard about that free Terra chips! I couldn't make it that day though. Are they good? Never tried them.

KatieBug said...

Great win! I'm a mascara lady.

I heard about the Terra chips too, but I couldn't make it their either.

Maria Lopez said...

I been looking for those Terra Chips I think i will get to try them when I flight Lol Happy MM

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

Hi .....really, that is a great week. :-)

I do love the giveaway win....practical and fun. Those make the best giveaways.

Happy Mailbox Monday and have a great week!

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