Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Weekend Update

For some reason the term "when it rains it pours" seems to be echoing in my head right now.  It was a really bad week for cheating on our home-cooked meals.  We went out once during the week and then again Friday and Saturday!  Plus we went to lunch today.  Bad Laura! 
My hubby can take part of the blame since he didn't feel like doing dishes on Saturday.  I came home feeling guilty after spending way too much money at Kohl's (but I saved $195!!!) and I asked if he was upset and he said he would be less upset if we could go out to dinner.  Counterintuitive but I agreed nonetheless.
On Friday we went to Sweet Tomatoes and had soup and salad buffet.  Friday nights they always have hubby's favorite - clam chowder.  It was pretty yummy and after our coupon wasn't all that expensive, though still $10 or so more than what we would have made at home.
Saturday we went to Jose Pepper's, our favorite Mexican place.  We even splurged on dessert, a Valentine's themed strawberry shortcake dish that I thought was pretty much a disaster, but hubby liked it.  Good thing too, since it could have probably fed about 6 people and he's still working on the leftovers.
Of all nights we didn't cheat and go out, I actually cooked our Valentine's dinner!  I'll post that separately since it's probably worthy of its own entry.

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