Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Turkey Pasta

Please reference my original post about this meal for the recipe.  Since I've already talked specifics, I thought I would just share a couple of tidbits about this particular meal.
First, I made the biggest error I can make in hubby's eyes - I forgot to buy bread for this meal!  You'd think I ran over his cat or something (not that I haven't not-so-secretly wished for that to happen.)  I think my original plan had been to stop at the store quickly sometime late in the week and get bread and some other misc. items but I totally forgot.  He had to make do with some frozen rolls that didn't really go with the meal. I made some garlic bread out of a leftover hamburger bun for me, and it wasn't too bad.
Second, when we were making the menu plan this week hubby suggested turkey pasta.  This has always been one of our go-to meals but with this blog I feel a little more pressure to not keep repeating the same meals.  So, I resisted his suggestion and he reminded me that we could be like his grandparents who make roast beef every Sunday.  He said that if he wanted he could declare every Monday as Turkey Pasta Day and we would have to eat it. 
I was going to just ignore this comment and let it slide but a minute later he said, "I couldn't just declare it like that could I?"  Umm, no.  He could, but I would just ignore him. 
I realize that this story is probably funnier if a)told out loud and b)you know us personally and therefore get how funny it is to suggest that he gets to make demands like that. 


EmcogNEATO! said...

I think I get it. My boyfriend once said to me, "Woman! Make me a cake!" And I laughed for like hours. :)

If anyone else had said that to me? I'd have knocked their teeth out!

Allergykidmom said...

I get it too. It is funny how men "try" to put "demands" down and we just look at them like 'yeah, right'!

tds said...

You might just let him make such a demand and then wait for Monday to roll around and ask him where dinner is....I figure if someone makes the suggestion, it's their turn to cook! ;-)

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