Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dinner Tonight: Turkey Burgers

Sometimes I can be a bit of a food snob.  One of those times is when it comes to pre-made hamburger patties.  Seriously, how lazy do you have to be to not make your own hamburger patties?  It's really not that hard, especially if you have one of these nifty (and cheap) little gadgets I got for Christmas.  I think that frozen, pre-made patties taste just like frozen, pre-made patties.  Blech. 
So, it was a little out of character for me last month when I bought some pre-made patties!  In my defense, they were fresh, not frozen, turkey patties from Jennie-O.  They were on clearance at Target since they were approaching their "use or freeze by" date.  They only cost $2/lb for four quarter-pound burgers, exactly what I would have made had I used my own turkey that costs around $1.50-$2/lb.  They were pre-seasoned with onion and garlic flavor, which sounded right up my alley, so I decided to give them a try.  I figured they would be a great, quick meal for a basketball practice night (these were originally scheduled for Tuesday but got pushed back due to my Smokestack daliance).
The good part?  Hubby said he was okay with chips instead of fries (which would have taken about 30 minutes for oven-heating and baking time), so dinner was ready in about 10 minutes!  As the burgers cooked I got out the toppings and decided to jazz mine up a little with roasted red pepper, feta cheese, and the basil mayo dressing leftover from the BLT salad I attempted a while back.  Hubby had his with some chipotle cheddar.  He didn't comment on what he thought of the patties, but I thought they were just okay.  The texture was a little strange, kind of rubbery.  I don't think we'll be trying the pre-made patties again, but they weren't bad and it was really cool to have things ready so fast!


Estimated cost of meal

Turkey patties: $2
Buns: $.90
Cheese: $.40
Veggies: $.50
Condiments: $.30
Chips: $.70

Total: $4.80

Former life total: Dinner at In-N-Out Burger: $11 (a girl can dream right?  actually, add about $400 for airfare to that)

Leaner Life Savings: $6.20 or 56%!!!

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