Monday, March 8, 2010

CVS Trip - all this for $0.20!!!

When I first learned about the art of couponing, I tried my hand at some Walgreen's shopping a bit but never tried CVS.  The main reason was that CVS required a membership card, and Walgreen's didn't.  A couple of weeks ago hubby needed something from the drug store so we ran into CVS while out running other errands.  While there I noticed the area where you could sign up for a new card and decided it was time to bite the bullet. 
Flash forward to this past week while I was grocery shopping.  I needed peanuts for a garnish on the Thai chicken I was going to make, but they were at least $3/jar at Target and Walmart.  I stopped at CVS to look for broth (I had seen that it was on sale for $.49/can, but it turned out they only had chicken and I needed beef) and noticed that they had peanuts on sale for $2.50/jar.  I was pretty excited and even more so when I checked out and noticed that my receipt printed with a coupon for $5 off my next purchase of $15 or more.  The only problem was the coupon expired just a few days later.
After some careful planning, I think I managed to come up with a pretty successful trip. 
Here's how I did it:

Stayfree Maxi Pads:               $3.69 x 2= $7.38
Power Bar Energy Gel blasts:   $1.50 x 2= $3.00 (sale price, orig. $1.69 each)
Excedrin:                             $2.50 x 2= $5.00 (sale price, orig. $5.39 each)
Total before coupons                           $15.38
$5/$15 CVS coupon                              (5.00)
$1 off Stayfree coupon                          (1.00)
BOGO free Stayfree coupon                    (3.69)
$1 off Power Bar coupon                        (1.00)
$2 off Excedrin coupon                          (2.00)
Free Excedrin coupon                            (2.50)

Total after coupons                               $0.19
Tax                                                        .01 (in my state tax is charged on the after coupon price)
Total OOP                                            $0.20!!!

Total Savings= $21.35 or 99%!!!

Also, I earned $4 "Extra Care Bucks" for the Stayfree purchase and $1.50 ECBs for the Power Bar purchase, so I was basically paid $4.30 to shop!

I needed my total to be above $15 so I grabbed 2 of the Power Bar pouches thinking I would get ECBs for both, but found out later that there was a limit of one per household.  If I had known this I would have looked for another filler to make my total even less!

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