Monday, March 8, 2010

Walgreens Trip - all this for $.73!!!

After my success at CVS I decided to do a quick Walgreen's run to see if I could keep up the bargains.  Here's the details for this one:

Purex                         $5.99 x 2 =  $11.98
Trident                                           1.29    
Total before coupons                      13.18
Purex Walgreens BOGO sale              (5.99)
Purex BOGO coupon from paper         (5.99)
Trident Walgreens coupon                (0.60)

Total after coupons                         $0.69
Tax                                                0.04
Total OOP                                      $0.73!!!

Total Savings=$12.58 or 94%!!!

I only bought the gum because otherwise my total would have been $0.00 and I was embarrassed and didn't know how the checker would handle that situation.

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Kristi said...

You are officially obsessed with bargain hunting and very funny about it!

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