Monday, March 1, 2010

Mailbox Monday

Happy Mailbox Monday!  Here is all of the free stuff I got in the mail this week, quality over quantity this time:

  • Kashi cereal sample plus a coupon for a free box and some high $ coupons to share, from Vocalpoint

  • Dove men's body wash, for a review for All You Reality Checker program

  • Hard water test kit from Diamond salt

  • Moisturizer samples (can't remember where I got these)

  • Red Zone sample (again, not sure where this came from or even what it is - probably back when I was signing up for everything I could before I realized I needed to edit my freebie requests)

  • Coupon for free bottle of Excedrin

  • Lee jeans from Facebook promo (finally!  I was wondering if these would ever come)

  • $50 Godiva gift card from Shop at Home, won in a giveaway from Frugal Fritzie
If you want to see what others got for free this week, visit A Frugal Friend!


Thankfully Thrifty said...

Just fyi the button for A Frugal Friend isn't showing up on your blog.

But, wow! What a great win for the jeans!

~Shelley~ said...

Great week! I got my jeans a few weeks ago :) They fit great!

Laura's Leaner Life said...

Weird, it shows up for me. It keeps giving me error messages about the HTML saying the "Tag is broken" - anyone know how to fix that?

tds said...

Free can't beat that! ;-) And to fix the button, I had to put the closing tag in mine and that seemed to fix it. (I can't type the tag in my comments but it is "less than" "slash" "a" "greater than"-look for the tag at the end of the html of your photo for an example) Happy Monday!

Emmi said...

I hate I missed the jeans! And the godiva chocolate...That rocks!

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

Chocolate! Oooh I'd be in heaven. :)

Happy mailbox monday!

Maria Lopez said...

uhhmm chocolate! thats a great giveaway win! Happy MM

Laura's Leaner Life said...

Ok I think I finally got the button fixed - thanks for the help!

Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

What a week! Congratulations....I bet you were excited to get all these goodies. Jeans and chocolate! WOO HOO!

Indeed a Happy Mailbox Monday for yoU!

Mellisa Rock said...

You got free jeans and $50 in free chocolate in the same week...I think that I have finally found someone that I want to trade mailboxes with!! Great week!!

Happy Mailbox Monday!!

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